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January 10, 2017

Lingerie Online

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Ok, so shopping for lingerie online is not for you, you say? That’s fine. No, no truly… it’s ok. It’s perfectly clear why you would never consider buying your lingerie online. In fact it’s so understandable we should list a few of the reasons explaining why women should NOT buy their lingerie online:

Lingerie online saves you more time to do other things!
Time for what? What do you want more time for? Having fun, having a life….?? Nah that kind of stuff is over-rated, surely. You’d be much happier wasting a whole day (and then some) trudging from one lingerie shop to the next, naturally.

Lingerie online can be done in the privacy of your own home!
But you want to get out. There’s nothing to do at your place… and anyway, you enjoy sitting in traffic and battling with parking spots. And having to doll up getting ready just for a day at the shops is no problem to you. Not to mention you’ve got mountains of cash to throw away on another tank of petrol.

Lingerie online means not having to deal with shop assistants!
Oh, but then you’d like that wouldn’t you. In fact you’d probably see it as a challenge. Having to line up with crowds of other equally stressed and despondent women… only to come face to face with a stroppy, self-appointed lingerie expert who will look down her nose at you, judge you with her intimidating eyes... and insist on measuring you up whether you like it or not.

Lingerie online means you don’t waste money on ‘extras’ at the shops!
We’ve already mentioned how you prefer to throw your money away… but petrol and parking is just the tip of the lingerie shopping iceberg. Don’t forget there’s lunch, half time cuppas and snacks that will leave you feeling bloated and ugly. But obviously that’s the kind of mood you like to be in when you try on figure-revealing lingerie… isn’t it?

Lingerie online is convenient, fast and fun!
It doesn’t matter to you if an item is in stock or not. Or how long it takes the disinterested lingerie assistant to go ‘out back’ to find out. You’d rather waste time doing that over just hitting a button on your PC any day. And when you rush your lingerie purchase in the crowded shop and get home only to find it’s the wrong size, colour or fit – oh the joy you will feel having to go back! You certainly don’t want to sit round home with your partner or girlfriends… having a few wines and some tasty treats while you browse leisurely through lingerie websites, working out what you really want. Heaven forbid anybody has a good time.

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